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What is our e-commerce solutions

PrepShipHub is designed to help warehouses, fulfillment centers, and prep centers provide faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective services (e-commerce solutions) in the name of giving their own customers the best experience possible.

  • Create more visibility into your inventory than ever before
  • Increase the accuracy of your decisions by way of real-time data
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Manage your 3PL costs in a way that increases your bottom line
  • Increase efficiency in terms of operational procedures like shipping, packaging, receiving related to your prep and fulfillment business

Operation Management

Centralized inventory management allows for to connection of all operations to the multiple sales channels.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse location assignment and management, multipoint item tracking and status updates, and boxing and shipping management.

Process Management

Effective notification, file sharing, hierarchical role management, reporting, and problem management tools..

The Partner Your Business Needs The Most

Faster and cost-effective services in FBA and FBM operations

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Our Products

FBM Force

PSH 3PL Hub Software

All-in-one 3PL solution

PSH 3PL Management Software

We’ve identified repeatable best practices and industry-leading technology to create an all-inclusive 3PL Management software to help Prep Centers, Fulfillment Centers, and E-commerce Warehouses to run successful businesses.

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Seller HUB

PSH Seller Hub

The Comprehensive E-Commerce Software Solution

PSH Seller Hub

To help bring accuracy and efficiency to your inventory and process of operations management, you need PrepShipHub.

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FBA Force®

Manage all FBA operations

FBA Force®

FBA Force allows you to manage all FBA operations in one centralized window.

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PSH Seller Hub

FBM Force

Integrate and manage all your store

FBM Force

Scale easily as order volumes grow, fill orders accurately and on time, and enjoy competitive shipping rates through carriers in our network.

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Our Partners

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All In 1 Prep Center
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Epic prep
Fulfillment by Amazon
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United states Postal Service

Why You Need To Work With PrepShipHub

Our industry-leading, cloud-based services make it possible for warehouses to manage massive inventories, automate time-consuming tasks, offer complete oversight to customers, and grow their operations to new levels of success.

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