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What is our e-commerce solutions

PrepShipHub is designed to help e-commerce sellers, warehouses, fulfillment centers, and prep centers provide faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective services in the name of giving their own customers the best experience possible.

We are more than Prep Business + Inventory Lab + 2D workflow + Scan Power Combined

  • Multi-users

  • Assign Roles to Additional Users

  • Separate Customer and warehouse interface

  • Manage Inventory (Receive and reconcile inbound shipments)

  • Manage multiple seller accounts

  • Bundle and multipack support

  • API for software integrations with Amazon, E-bay, Shopify, Walmart

  • Flawless Problem Management

  • Create Listing for Amazon (FBA FORCE)

  • Instructions for Prep

  • Print FNSKU, box, pallet, and 2D box content labels

  • Create Shipment Plans for Amazon (FBA FORCE)

  • Create Shipment Plans for Walmart (WFS FORCE)

  • Auto-Pricing during listing based on existing offerings like BuyBox

  • Buy Shipping Labels for Hazmat or Seller fulfilled items

  • Consolidate Divided Shipments to Minor Locations

  • Live Shipment batches Tracking

  • Support LTL, FTL, SPD options

  • Track Profitability

  • Any Scan Gun compatible

  • Support Dymo, Zebra, Rollo Printers

  • Own Built in House Printer Agent

  • Seller Fulfilled for Amazon, eBay, Shopify (FBM FORCE)

  • Purchase labels with Amazon Buy Shipping

  • Chat with your clients

  • Auto invoice generate for your clients

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Create Daily or Weekly Task for your Team or Employees

Operation Management

Centralized inventory management allows for to connection of all operations to the multiple sales channels.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse location assignment and management, multipoint item tracking and status updates, and boxing and shipping management.

Process Management

Effective notification, file sharing, hierarchical role management, reporting, and problem management tools..

The Partner Your Business Needs The Most

Faster and cost-effective services in FBA and FBM operations

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Our Products

FBM Force

PSH 3PL Hub Software

All-in-one 3PL solution

PSH 3PL Management Software

We’ve identified repeatable best practices and industry-leading technology to create an all-inclusive 3PL Management software to help Prep Centers, Fulfillment Centers, and E-commerce Warehouses to run successful businesses.

PSH 3PL Information
Seller HUB

PSH Seller Hub

The Comprehensive E-Commerce Software Solution

PSH Seller Hub

To help bring accuracy and efficiency to your inventory and process of operations management, you need PrepShipHub.

PSH Seller Hub Information

FBA Force®

Manage all FBA operations

FBA Force®

FBA Force allows you to manage all FBA operations in one centralized window.

FBA Force Information
PSH Seller Hub

FBM Force

Integrate and manage all your store

FBM Force

Scale easily as order volumes grow, fill orders accurately and on time, and enjoy competitive shipping rates through carriers in our network.

FBM Force Information

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"Why Our Customers Love Us - Read Their Reviews!"

5 / 5

Boosting Efficiency for Amazon Sellers!

"The Amazon Prep Center software has become an indispensable tool for enhancing my efficiency as an Amazon seller. Its straightforward interface and essential features have proven to be a winning combination for streamlining my inventory management. This software doesn't aim for unnecessary complexities; instead, it focuses on providing practical solutions for sellers. The result is a reliable and efficient tool that simplifies the selling process without sacrificing effectiveness. If you're looking to boost your efficiency as an Amazon seller, the Amazon Prep Center is a must-have in your toolkit."


Amazon Verified User

5 / 5

Effortless Selling Made Possible!

"Using the Amazon Prep Center software has been a game-changer for my online selling venture. Its intuitive interface and essential features have made managing inventory effortless. What sets this software apart is its simplicity – it doesn't overwhelm with unnecessary complexities, but rather focuses on providing a straightforward and effective solution. As a seller, having a tool that streamlines processes without unnecessary hassle is invaluable, and the Amazon Prep Center delivers exactly that. It's the key to making selling online feel effortless."


Amazon Verified User

5 / 5

Simplified Success with Amazon Prep Center

"The Amazon Prep Center software has simplified and elevated my journey as an Amazon seller. Its user-friendly design provides a seamless experience, making inventory management a breeze. While it may not overwhelm with flashy features, the software focuses on the essentials, ensuring a reliable and efficient selling process. It's a practical solution for sellers like me who value simplicity and effectiveness. If you're searching for a tool that streamlines without unnecessary complexities, the Amazon Prep Center is your key to simplified success in the world of online selling."


Amazon Verified User

5 / 5

Best at FBA Inbound Shipments

"Great tool for creating listing and shipping plan for FBA. Made our life lot easier for shipping process and reconciliation. They also have FBM module which helps you pull all your multi channel orders and fulfill them easily. You can purchase label through portal with their rates or Amazon seller cental rates. We compare both and purchase whichever is cheaper."

Vicy's Deals

Amazon Verified User

5 / 5

Effective Solution

"The Amazon Prep Center software I've been using has proven to be a reliable companion for my online selling business. Its straightforward design makes navigation a breeze, and the features are essential for keeping my inventory organized. While it may not have all the bells and whistles, its simplicity is its strength. A solid choice for sellers looking for a practical and effective solution."


Amazon Verified User

5 / 5

All in One

"Till One of our friends mentioned about this software We had no idea there is a software around like this tailored for our needs. This software covers all your needs for your e-commerce business. FBA, FBM, Create new Listing , Create Shipping plans and So on. All in one without needing another 3rd party solution provider. Best in its Class."

Alpenbergen Deals

Amazon Verified User

Why You Need To Work With PrepShipHub

Our industry-leading, cloud-based services make it possible for warehouses to manage massive inventories, automate time-consuming tasks, offer complete oversight to customers, and grow their operations to new levels of success.

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