Our Company

PrepShipHub™ (PSH) is a cloud service company to provide effective solutions for FBA Prep centers, fulfillment centers, and e-commerce warehouse operations. It helps to overcome industry-specific challenges with a robust suite of software that automates operational activities and gives visibility into warehouse management functions. PSH™ provides solutions to generate faster and cost-effective services in FBA and FBM operations.

Who we are


At its core, PrepShipHub is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution that is designed to optimize the way your e-commerce business operates from the top down.

At PrepShipHub, we understand the challenges that your business faces on a daily basis. We know how difficult e-commerce fulfillment and warehouse management can be on the best of days. Especially, the fast-paced world that we’re now living in make it harder to deal with.

No one-size-fits-all

At PrepShipHub, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” policy when it comes to 3PL solutions and inventory management software. By using humanistic software development techniques, we ensure that all crucial systems are easily accessible to users without being intrusive.

Organic Solutions

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the last few years – particularly when it comes to how e-commerce sellers must navigate online destinations like Amazon, among others.

This is why we’ve designed our cloud-based software with your business in mind, allowing it to act as an organic solution for fulfillment centers, prep centers, warehouses, and more.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to optimize your operational activities, increase efficiency or just improve your bottom line , it doesn’t actually matter. PrepShipHub is the single best way to leverage high-end features that add efficiency to your business, with absolutely no exceptions.

Our development goal is to ensure minimal distractions, maximum utility, and maximum value for money The development process begins with an analysis of your core objective and a discussion on what it would take to ensure your e-commerce store and fulfillment center are working in tandem for efficient operations. By automating the Amazon FBA process, we minimize resource usage and delays, hence improving ROI and business viability. You choose the features you want and leave the rest to us! Even when opting for FBM, our bespoke software solutions help you keep track of orders as they get fulfilled. Keep track of costs, margins, orders, customer feedback, labor administration, business intelligence, and so much more with just one, dedicated solution and make informed decisions from them on.

  •  Helping You Be Different
  •  Strengthening Operations
  •  Empowering Employees & Clients
  •  Accuracy & Transparency
  •  Real-Time Tracking
  •  Humanistic Software Development
  •  On-Time Deliverables
  •  Software Solutions at Competitive Prices

To help e-commerce stores across the globe streamline their fulfillment processes through better software and create stronger relationships in the process.


Our core strengths include devising bespoke third-party logistics (3PL) solutions for fulfillment centers, prep centers, and offering SaaS for e-commerce store warehouse operations.

We always strive to build technological solutions that will allow you to focus on your core business. Having years of first-hand experience with FBA and FBM programs, our founders know the importance of cost-effective software solution development, automation, risks management, and better business visibility.

  • A Client-First Approach

  • Confidentiality Above All Else

  • Agile & Versatile Development

  • Complete Control Over Development

  • Result-Oriented Development

  • Bolder Development Processes

  • Long-Lasting Relations

  • Increase Business Visibility


About us

The story of PrepShipHub begins with an iron-clad will to create a network of top-performing companies with impeccable inventory management, supply chain fulfillment, and e-commerce growth solutions. Our team has always relied on tried-and-tested strategies for finding every business’s potential and helped them understand it as well.

Our Story

How it is started

The idea behind this network was also to create strong, long-lasting professional relationships through impeccable development and consultation. Our unique position in the industry today helps us do that quite easily. Our founders came together at a time when the fulfillment industry truly needed a way to reduce costs and streamline operations (during COVID restrictions). Borne out of need, PrepShipHub is a company for those who truly need an edge over the competition in their darkest hour.