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Our Approach For Effective e-Commerce Solutions

Technology paves the way for businesses of all types to grow beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. However, obstacles spring up along the way. A small boutique gets slowed down as it transitions from B2B trade show transactions to multi-channel B2C sales. A mid-sized company struggles to maintain a collaborative logistics environment as it expands its reach with five additional warehouses that are located on three continents.

PrepShipHub helps 3PL fulfillment centers, FBA Prep centers, and e-commerce sellers to overcome these challenges with a robust suite of software that automates operational activities and gives visibility into warehouse management functions. The results are streamlined workflows that produce some of the best retail guest experiences in the marketplace.


It takes more than just a great product to be successful in today’s marketplace. If a seller or e-commerce fulfillment center doesn’t respond to orders with speed and accuracy, that business will get lost in the shuffle.

One way to make sure that your Amazon prep center and order fulfillment activities remain agile is to adopt an automated software solution that reduces the need for manual tasks. Manual-based inventory tracking is a recipe for errors and schedule delays when it comes to prepping, packing, and shipping orders that involve bundles and multipacks.

With the help of PrepShipHub, you can put the spreadsheets away for good. Our software delivers centralized inventory management that allows you to connect your operations to the needs of multiple sales channels. Our cloud-based solutions support cross collaboration for marketing, sales, and warehouse teams that are located around the world.

Operational Efficiency


Achieving peak operational efficiency is essential for the optimized performance of your fulfillment center. Unfortunately, challenges related to keeping up with product tracking, warehouse management, shipping practices and more are common. Inefficiencies with order processing and other activities can bog down operations. At PrepShipHub, we are a 3PL solution that empowers you to increase efficiency and improve your operations through automation.

Specifically, we offer all of the benefits of 3PL services in a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution. Our solution covers critical areas like warehouse location assignment and management, multipoint item tracking and status updates, and boxing and shipping management. What can PrepShipHub do for you?



Your eCommerce firm is a complex operation with multiple cogs, all turning at the same time. Are you seeking a way to improve accuracy, efficiency, profitability, and productivity in your eCommerce tasks? Logistics is key to ensuring successful, profitable business procedures. If you need an experienced 3PL company to take the reins and deliver lasting solutions, you’ve found us.

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