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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Prep

Everyone can agree that Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has disrupted business models across all industries. It allows small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to enter markets that were previously only available to companies that had heavy financial backing. Medium-sized businesses also benefit and are able to expand their reach and snatch market share from lethargic Fortune 500 companies.

However, users must follow strict guidelines to gain the full benefits of the FBA service. As an FBA Prep company, you understand all of those rules and are able to expedite the process for your customers. Today, we see supply chain hiccups and unpleasant surprises that cause a great deal of uncertainty for your customers.

During this time, they need to be confident that your Prep center has the tools needed to weather unexpected supply chain issues, seasonal peak periods, and anything else that the market throws at it. That’s when the benefits of PrepShipHub shine.

Auto-Pricing during listing based on existing offerings like BuyBox.

Better Customer Experience Equals Loyal Customers

Adding more value to e-commerce businesses is your mission. When they do well, you do well. To convert one-off customers into enthusiastic regulars, you’ll need to offer them relevant features that they can’t easily reproduce for themselves.

Our software gives targeted insight into your preparation center operations even across multiple locations. Customers are alerted to orders as they reach your prep center, during all the phases of fulfillment, and when your Prep center ships the items to Amazon. In a volatile market, supply chain transparency accompanied with Amazon FBA know-how can be just what e-commerce business owners need to scale up their operations and increase their monthly volume at your center.

Cost Efficiency Is Built on Accuracy

Global markets haven’t yet seen the limits of Amazon FBA for e-commerce order fulfillment. Online arbitrage is an example of how some small businesses are using FBA to put more profits into their bank accounts. While these businesses aren’t usually getting products at wholesale rates, they are getting them at extremely discounted prices. However, profit margins can quickly dissipate when items are incorrectly handled and returned by Amazon.

PrepShipHub’s software helps to take human error out of the equation and increase your Prep center’s accuracy.

Besides low inventory and inventory replenishment issues, surplus inventory is a pain point that many e-commerce business operators experience. Inventory levels that are too high waste warehouse space and increase overall costs.

PrepShipHub offers cloud-based software solutions that help with inventory management. With those robust tools, your facility is capable of discovering surplus inventory items. When customers know which items are not selling, they can instruct

Prep centers to employ proven bundle and multipack tactics that move stagnant inventory and increase sales. This adds measurable value to your customers.